Slice for the Soul

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Berlin in the Backdrop

Before I start this article, here's a slight disclaimer, "Digs have been made at the competition, for fun's sake, take it as a joke". Read more


'Doesn't make me any less of a feminist'

This simple sentence may raise the hackles of many a self-proclaimed feminist. But there.. Read more


Berlin in Bengal

"I'll have a plate of momos and what's this? Lye buns?", asked a women in pastel business casuals. "Yes, ma'am, those are ... Read more


One Plastic Straw at a Time

Let me be very honest, I cannot call myself an eco-justice warrior in any capacity. I'm somewhere in... Read more


It was just days into the lockdown, and Yelahanka resident Mallika Kayastha was already distraught. Read more

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When TOI used the Statue of David to wish happy birthday

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Ganesha in pop culture, and origins of The Matrix

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What's common to thugs, pyjamas and bungalows?

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When Bachchan was provided with Afghanistan's Air Force for security

Love thy neighbor says the Bible. Now, if your neighbor is some regressive, oppressive, violent regime... Read more


The President who taught the Prime Minister

George Bernard Shaw once wrote, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

It probably took just a few weeks of homeschooling...

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It was just days into the lockdown, and Yelahanka resident Mallika Kayastha was already distraught. Read more

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 “Stories can change the world but more importantly it has the power to change an individual”... Read more


Anitha D’Souza, assistant director of the NGO Snagama working out of Sindagi taluk in North Karnataka... Read more


When Gandhi Endorsed Skateboards, Hair Oil and Blackberry

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You see, no amount of expertise can absolve one of the caution required to handle turmeric. The bright yellow stain on your favorite clothes will taunt your overconfidence and the patch around it, faded... Read more